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Local San Tan Valley Company Solves Manure Problem for Equestrian Centers

Country Farm Services, a locally owned and operated company, is providing innovative solutions to a longstanding problem for equestrian centers - manure removal. The company, based out of San Tan Valley, Arizona, has quickly become a favorite among equine facility owners and managers due to their ease of use and commitment to the environment.

Customers of Country Farm Services appreciate the company's attention to the physical demands of removing and disposing of manure. Most equine centers require removing and transporting significant amounts of manure on a regular basis, which can become laborious and time-consuming. Country Farm Services has solved this problem by offering bulk removal options and small wheelbarrow-friendly dumpsters, saving clients additional labor and time.

Their equestrian center customers love not having to pick up heavy wheelbarrows or empty wagons into dumpsters that are around 3 to 4 ft off the ground. Additionally, the company guarantees efficient and fast services, ensuring that clients' animals and facilities remain clean.

Aside from their primary services, Country Farm Services is also dedicated to the environment. They ensure that their waste is managed with care to keep it from landfills by partnering with local company, Green Thumbs Recycling. This partnership provides a sustainable solution to managing waste while still making the best use of it for compost.

Customers trust Country Farm Services for their exceptional reliability, professionalism, and attention to detail. They use tractors that do not damage the grounds, leaving a clean area and business in a neat and orderly way. By providing eco-friendly solutions for their clients, they have become a reliable and essential partner for managing and maintaining the cleanliness of equestrian facilities and small home based farms.

For more information about Country Farm Services, visit their official website at

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